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Hey I’m Cortney, welcome!

I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world. I teach yoga publicly, privately and internationally. I mentor yoga teachers who have a desire to grow personally and professionally and coach anyone that wants to delve deep into self-discovery. I also give human design readings and I’m a practicing massage therapist of over 12 years.

I’m a lifelong student and love studying anything in the realm of yoga, entrepreneurship, self discovery + personal development, human design, spirituality, the healing arts, health + wellness, astrology, music, travel, etc..

I’m mostly known for my inversion practice - hence the nickname “Handstand Queen”, being a trailblazer and innovator in the yoga and coaching sphere, my playlists on Spotify and my Instagram account with a community of 18k people.

I love serving the world by creating resources that inspire self-discovery and support people in living their most empowered, authentic and inspired lives!

I don't believe in coincidences. I know that you landed here for a reason and I’m so glad the universe connected us!

Let's be friends?! I’d love to connect with you on Instagram or send me a note if you’d like to work with me by visiting my "contact" page!



Southeastern College of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy | Charlotte, North Carolina


250 hour Ashtanga Teacher Training | Ubud, Bali


300 hour Jivamukti Teacher Training | Omega Institute, New York


500 Hour Jivamukti Yoga apprenticeship with Jeffrey Cohen


Main Street Vegan Academy | New York, New York


Level 1 with Baron Baptiste | Sedona, Arizona


Abundant Yogi Lifestyle Design Coaching


Completed the Landmark Forum


Completed the Advanced Landmark Course


25 Hour Lotus Flow Advanced Teacher Training


Applied Astrology - Level 1 with Debra Silverman


Level 1 - Human Design for Everyone with Karen Curry

Other Credentials:

Lululemon Ambassador

Dharma Yoga Wheel Ambassador

Certified in Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 & 2. Asheville, North Carolina.

Featured on ALO Moves