Are you ready to be whole, heard, and held?

Are you ready to feel whole, heard, and held?


When I feel whole, I feel like there’s nothing I need to fix about myself. I feel complete, perfectly imperfect, and content. In a world that’s constantly trying to tell me that I’m lacking in some way and I need to buy this beauty product or that name brand to feel like I’m beautiful and deserving, feeling whole can be a struggle.


When I feel heard, I feel a sense of empowerment. Like the person isn’t just superficially listening, or trying to insert their opinion. They’re not distracted or looking at their iPhone, they’re present with me. They’re holding space for me and allowing me to lean into my intuition and come to my own realizations rather than trying to push their agenda or give me unsolicited advice. In my experience being heard can be difficult in a world that’s so loud and full of distractions. 


When I feel held, I feel supported, protected, and at peace with the myself and the world regardless of the craziness that’s happening around me. I’m not referring to being held physically, although that’s great too. I’m referring to holding space. Holding space is allowing someone to simply be, to break free, to let go, to breakdown and/or to breakthrough, all while being non-reactive. I’ve found it’s difficult to feel held when it seems that everyone has so much to carry already, I don’t want to feel like a nuisance.


Am I alone?


I don’t think so. I’ve seen some pretty radical transformation in myself, friends, and clients who’ve been provided with the opportunity to feel whole, heard, and held and I want to offer a sacred, safe place for you to feel the same.


Sometimes we don’t need coaching, self help books, action plans, or new goals. What we need is to share what we’re going through, to speak our truth, and to get things off our chest. E-motion is literally energy-in-motion. When we bottle up our emotions we feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed; the energy gets stuck because there’s no motion. Our voice is a powerful vehicle that can give motion to the energy that’s holding us back. This creates flow because the energy can move. Once the energy can move it can also be released.


I’ve seen the power and shift that happens when I share what I’m going through (what I’ve held onto, my expectations, what I’m struggling with, mistakes I’ve made, my past, pain I’ve endured, unresolved conflict, etc.,) with someone I trust. It requires a courageous vulnerability but its so worth it. It frees up so much space mentally, emotionally, and physically. After the fact I always feel like a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders. 


It’s also really powerful to share my triumphs, breakthroughs, and successes with someone and for them to be genuinely happy for me and to celebrate with me - it truly amplifies my joy.


So my question for you is: 


Are you ready to feel whole, heard, and held?


You are so deserving and I want to support you. I’m offering 60 min sessions in person, via Skype, or on the phone to anyone who is ready to open up, share, and to free up some space. I will not be offering unsolicited advice, or sympathy, or trying to fix you or coach you. (Coaching and/or constructive feedback is only offered if you ask for it.) This is not a “therapy” session, this is simply me holding sacred space for you in the hopes that you will feel more free, clear, and connected. 


If you’re ready to feel whole, heard, and held, the time is now. Respond to this email and we will schedule a time to connect <3