I'm back!

I’m back!

Recently I’ve put myself under a tremendous amount of pressure.  In all sorts of ways from teaching the “perfect” yoga classes to having the “perfect” body.  We all can get stuck in this way of thinking from time to time…its monkey mind to the max!  

And last night I had a serious reality check.  

I was watching this documentary about the poverty in Guatemala, and well, it was heart wrenching to say the least.  Entire families that survive on one dollar a day, children who work full time at age 11 to help feed their younger siblings, and a culture that is rooted in community and tight family bonds.  Suddenly my problems seemed so small, I wasn’t even thinking about my problems, but rather how I could be of service.  It wasn’t an effort to belittle my own struggle or feelings, or push them away.   My feelings are %100 valid.  However it put things into perspective for me.  I started to count my blessings, rather than complain about what isn’t happening in my life.   I shifted the magnifying glass of my thoughts off of my weaknesses and shined the light on my strengths.  All the pressure of perfection was lifted off of my shoulders in my effort to fill up with compassion for someone else.

So…I’m back!  And I’m writing this as a friendly reminder to myself that sometimes I fall off the bandwagon, but every waking moment is a new opportunity to brush those shouldas off and to hop right back on!