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a journey of self-discovery, truth and purpose

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Craft Your Path is a 12 week coaching course for those of you that are ready to live a purposeful life.

Maybe you're a...

- Yoga teacher eager to find your voice and develop your brand so you can create an impactful and fulfilling career

- Mom wanting to create something that is YOURS

- Multi-passionate entrepreneur that's seeking clarity, focus and growth

- Longtime business owner who wants to give their life and career a makeover

- Student eager to find your unique path in the world

- An employee of a 9-5 job that is unfulfilling

- Or perhaps you're just eager to learn more about yourself, your purpose, your path, your zone of genius,  your super powers, and how to leverage that in your life and career.


If you're nodding your head YES to any of the above then Craft Your Path is for you! We are currently in session however the next round starts in September. The last two rounds have sold out so if you want to reserve your spot and enjoy an early bird discount you can do so by entering your info in the form block above.


Check out what Laura Brenneman had to say about her experience with Craft Your Path:

“CYP is everything I wasn’t expecting – in the absolute best way possible!

I joined Cortney’s CYP with the intention of ultimately discovering my purpose in the form of a new career path. I had been bouncing the idea around about leaving my current full-time job and starting from scratch, but was unclear on my true purpose. After working through the first couple of modules, I realized that CYP had a different plan for me and it turned into a deep dive of self-discovery. 

CYP is funny in that way – it will give you exactly what you need, not necessarily what you think you need.

Once I re-focused my intention, everything in my life started transforming. I had breakthroughs about the relationships in my life, about how to better care for myself, and about my core values… among many others. It all began to flow easier and make more sense. 

Several ah-ha moments came to the surface during my 1:1 calls with Cortney and her consistent support encouraged me to keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

The connections made and realizations brought to light during those 12 weeks are invaluable. Cortney has been the most incredible, down-to-earth, nurturing guide who holds space for others and truly cares about their wellbeing.” 


The specifics:

The Craft Your Path course is made up of the following 6 modules:

- True North

- Why?

- Sacred Boundaries & Soulful Self Care

- Core Values & Owning Your Value

- Bliss Bodyguard

- Super Powers & Zone of Genius


What You Get:

- You’ll receive a colorful and interactive workbook that is full to the brim with insight, wisdom, stories, guidance, inspiration, journal prompts, etc. This is a resource you’ll be able to refer back to for inspiration and guidance for years to come.

- Six recorded lectures that correspond to each of the modules in the workbook. These audio recordings will give you a comprehensive understanding of each module and are full of inspiration and real life examples as well as TED talk, book, and podcast recommendations.

- Six 1:1 coaching calls with yours truly. On these calls we’ll discuss your specific goals with laser beam focus and you’ll receive support, tools and practical strategies to make them a reality. You’ll get 1:1 guidance, encouragement and accountability. We'll identify "blind spots" and find creative solutions that work for you. These calls are where big transformation happens! These calls can also be recorded and yours to keep!

- Access to the private Craft Your Path Facebook group. This group is an opportunity for you to connect with over 25 other Craft Your Path current or past participants. It’s a great place to share, ask questions and support one another.



What you really get:

- Invaluable self-knowledge, accountability, insight and support

- Clarity, focus and direction in your life and career

- Life changing tools, rituals, practices, resources, etc. to create big shift in your life

- The priceless feeling of being ready, prepared and focused to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams!



Don’t take it from me, here are some testimonials from past Craft Your Path participants:

"Craft Your Path was truly a journey to self-discovery, truth and purpose; as it proclaims. What a special thing to get to know yourself on a deeper level, to have the chance to experience life with more intention. That is what CYP did for me. I can’t believe how many things shifted in my life and how encouraged I was throughout the course. Cortney has a special gift and I was grateful I had to opportunity to share this course with her. In the past I had trouble completing courses or books on self work but having accountability really made the difference. It allowed me to develop new habits that have now become an everyday part of my life. People should never stop studying so I would recommend Craft Your Path for anyone and everyone!" - Regina Ferguson

"Cortney, I wanted to take the time and tell you THANK YOU again!

If it wasn’t for you I would have not gotten out of my shell and just went for it. With you I was able to really dig deep and find my passions with out any worry of “what if”. If it wasn’t for you and all of your kind words, constant communication, guidance and a little ass kicking. I wouldn’t have been able to create my first ever Yoga for Mental Health Event... And now, Cannon Green has contacted me asking if Yoga for Mental Health CHS would like to do pop up yoga events over the summer followed my their happy hour.

I feel I’m really starting to network and get my name out there and in a way that combines my two passions. You’ve truly crafted my path and I can’t wait to see what more I can do with all the tools you’ve handed to me. Thank you so much!
” - Monic Rozier


“I've had this vague idea of how and where I want to teach yoga. I loved loved loved my RYT training and finished it with a strong notion of big things coming, but I was not sure how I would make it happen. Cortney's Craft Your Path turned those vague notions into foundational bricks of how I live every day and teach every class. She helped me develop a more focused, spiritual morning routine, and a pre-class check list so I feel confident and prepared each time I step out.  She guided me to identify the values I live by as THE basis for each class I teach, so now teaching feels natural and flows with high energy, it feeds my soul!  Cortney shares so much, opens up so much about herself, and she is in it with us - she's right there, figuring it all out, leading the way! She's done the work, and is able to communicate the challenges and the promises of living and teaching in True North. She also offers up the practical aspects of business, guiding us to learn our strengths and weaknesses so we can determine how to best spend our time and effort. 

Cortney showed me how to get to where I want to be, she has "been there, done that", and, most importantly, she is still working at it - she is constantly learning and sharing her knowledge, ideas, and even the oops. She's accessible, she's in the trenches, and her personal one-on-one calls will change your life! Cortney has a big, sweet heart, a smart way of doing things and a kind soul. I consider her a friend, and overflow with love for this girl. She wants the very best for me, I know it. If you are thinking about it, I would encourage you to sign up for Craft Your Path - I still work the program every day, so it's value is powerful and progressive. I can't wait for more of Cortney's programs, and to see what she does!” - Kristen McDonald


Craft Your Path has truly changed my life! This course has been so fun and fulfilling and amazing, I was hesitant signing up for it because it’s a big chunk of money but I’m so happy I did it. Things manifested for me that wouldn’t have if I didn’t have someone pushing me to study myself. -Val Simonic


Craft Your Path has been absolutely amazing and life changing! Cortney is not only helping me get really clear on my path and the work I want to do in the world, she is also helping me with my first online yoga series!” - Rose Krajnik


Cortney Ostrosky puts so much effort into the specifics of how to teach yoga and she is a spearhead for yoga teaching, living a life by design, dropping the b.s. and she's an absolute fabulous coach. I've taken her classes, gone to her workshops and even gone through her coaching program and can not promote her enough!!!!

She has the thing that is so important for coaches to possess, which only a handful of coaches have: her deep inner calmness, wisdom and sweetness does not ever get mixed up with her fierceness. This is really he most mportant trait to have when you're a yoga teacher coach because it's so easy to mix the two together. 

Cortney is able to walk this balancing act between loving support and strong fierceness. I've been thanking my lucky stars that she's chosen to walk this path since I signed up for Craft your Path. 've had more break throughs than I can count! 

She has truly done the work and she wants to share it with others from the bottom of her heart and it shows. If you need a coach, pick Cortney. Thank you Cortney for your tenacity in never letting go of the dream.” - Molly Toohey


“I started Craft Your Path with a list of goals to accomplish. I felt ready to barge full steam ahead in the direction of my dreams, and I sought guidance on what action steps I should take. Cortney provided the guidance that I asked for, but she gave me something much more valuable. CYP provided a structured and supportive framework for self discovery. This gave me the space I needed to reflect on my self and my ambitions, and it gave me practical skills for aligning my goals with my values before pursuing them further. Now I feel more confident in all areas of my life, including my goals, because I have the capacity to design my life in alignment with my values.” - Lesley Leake


"Since Craft Your Path everything has changed. For the infinitely better. The biggest change I made was my relationship with myself. The love, appreciation and faith I have in my purpose and heart has doubled trippled quadruplified! And in turn that has brought so much more heart and appreciation to each of my relationships…I feel more balance in all aspects of my life then I ever have. I feel like my life is gearing towards the grace and joy of my childhood! It’s a wonderful feeling omgggg!!!!" - Sam Guidi


"…Before Craft Your Path, I was feeling lost, anxious, and overwhelmed, a recent college graduate undergoing a period of transition and tumultuous changes. In my career, I had felt like there was only one way to attain my goal of becoming a respected teacher & therapist - through a PhD in Clinical Psychology. At work, I had been taking on way too much, feeling intense pressure & as if I was never enough no matter how hard I was working.

Craft Your Path empowered me to finally take a step back, slow down, and see the multitude of paths there are to becoming a therapist & teacher outside of the Clinical Psychology PhD route. I decided that a Masters in Social Work & Yoga Teacher Training were 2 incredible paths that would allow me to fulfill my dream of becoming a therapist and teacher in less time & in a much more easeful and authentic way.

Craft Your Path has held me accountable in a loving & supportive way & helped me to live a life closer to my True North. I would recommend Craft Your Path to anyone looking for support & trans-formation in their life. If you have the opportunity to work with Cortney in any way - do it!" - Olivia Roberson


Cortney Ostrosky is my Yoga-Mentor, Girl-Guru, and Sweet Friend! I have just spent 3 months in Cortney’s inspiring “Craft Your Path” program song with 11 other amazing Yogini’s! I’ve learned so much about myself, my path and my passion! Cortney is a woman who lives life by her own design of beauty. Her love, compassion, laughter and support over these past 3 months have been the greatest experience! When you know what you seek, your path becomes clear…and I’m so grateful my journey was with [Cortney]!” - Dawn Boone


"Starting from the very beginning in getting to know Cortney I can remember the day I started following her on Instagram. I was sitting in my car casually scrolling, and came across a video of her doing a crazy arm balance. I gave her a follow and soon realized that as impressive as her practice is I was following her for her words/perspective/ and her beautiful energy. 

In February of this year I snagged a spot on her Costa Rica retreat and counted down the days. I met Cortney for the first time on a shuttle bus in CR and knew right away that this person was so genuine, pure, and powerful - and knew I wanted to learn as much as I could from her during that week on retreat. The retreat as a whole was life changing for me. I had some major shifts and a major opening after one of Cortney's classes that I will never forget. 

Cortney had mentioned CYP a couple of times, and initially I didn’t think I was ready, but by the end of the trip I knew I wanted to stay connected and was feeling better about myself than I had in a long time. 

In the 12 weeks working with Cortney in craft your path, I was able to narrow in on specific goals and a bigger vision for myself that I could actually feel. Getting in touch with my inner most core values, what’s lights me up, as well as my strengths, through her systematic way of self discovery, launched me into the next major chapter of my professional development. 

Working with Cortney was an amazing experience and I’m proud of myself of what I accomplished through CYP. I continue to revisit my CYP manual during challenging moments to remind myself of my passion + purpose.  Cortney is intuitive and so enthusiastic about what she does that I can describe our work together best as, liberating. CYP has been one of the most important journeys I have taken." - Caitlin Shiflett