Welcome to "30 Days to Handstand"!

This program was designed to give you the tools, strength, and confidence to balance on your hands. This series includes 7 videos which you will repeat over the course of 30 days.

I've pulled all the greatest tips, tools, and techniques that I've used over the past 10 years to build my handstand practice and organized it into 7 videos (over 2 hours of footage!). These videos are a blend of yoga, strength training, plyometrics, core sculpting, cardio, stretching, meditation AND lots of fun. 

I guarantee you will see results in your handstand practice if you're consistent with this program over the course of the month!

Level: Intermediate

*These videos are mobile optimized! Enjoy them anywhere, anytime, on your mobile device(s).




The Pura Vida Yoga Series is a collection of 3 yoga classes that were filmed in Costa Rica during my 2017 retreat. These classes are creative, dynamic and accessible for all levels.

Not familiar with my teaching style? I’ve got over 1000 hours of training in Ashtanga, Jivamukti, and Baptiste yoga. You can expect a strong emphasis on anatomy, inner inquiry, creative sequencing and inversions. A bonus to this series is while you’re practicing at home you get to enjoy the sweet sounds of nature like the monkeys, birds, and thunder of the Costa Rican jungle. I know you are going to love these classes!

You can purchase these classes individually for $15 or buy all three for $45. Once you purchase these classes you’ll have unlimited to access to these classes forever!

Testimonial from student Piper Wilson:
“Cortney is ridiculously good at what she does. Her passion and fervor for yoga and life are contagious. She is one of the most knowledgable and kind teachers I've come across in my 3 years of practice, and I deeply appreciate the time she takes to really make class adaptable and enjoyable for each person practicing. Her energetic soul and super fun sequences keep class interesting and inspiring. Grateful to have the opportunity to practice with Cortney!”

Class Descriptions:

Flying Pigeon Flow | 75 minutes

This is a creative flow building up to flying pigeon. In this class we break down chatturanga and sprinkle in non-traditional yoga poses like “curtsy lunge” and “rainbow warrior”. You’ll have several opportunities to play with arm balances and inversions. We wrap up class with some delicious, deep hip openers.

Tip Toe Fish Flow | 75 minutes

We start class with a calming guided meditation then jump right into our flow inspired by the element of water. We will explore some fun binds and balancing postures, practice our pick ups and jump throughs, and work a lot of knee opening and back bending to build up to tip toe fish.

Handstand Flow | 90 minutes

The focus of the class is Handstand. You can expect a rigorous vinyasa flow designed to strengthen your handstand practice. We will also explore full splits and deep shoulder stretches. For this practice you’ll need a block, a strap, and access to a wall.