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Human Design is a blend of astrology, several ancient wisdom traditions and modern science to create an incredibly accurate energetic and personality assessment.

You came into this life with a specific purpose, skill set, karma and energy type which is all contained in your human design chart. Your energy Type is how you interact with life and exchange energy with the world. Learning about your unique Human Design will provide you with tools and awareness to live in alignment with your truth, access your innate super powers and live a life of purpose.

A Human Design reading will provide you with a "user manual” for your unique energy type. You’ll learn about your inner workings and understand how to strategize and make decisions that will best support the life you desire. This process of self discovery will shine light on conditioning that have picked up over time around who you “should” be and will give you permission to live your most authentic life and to be yourself.

Many people come away from a reading feeling a deep sense of validation in who there are and what they are here to do. I feel like through these readings I am giving people permission slips to fully be themselves! I love it so much!


If you’re interested in learning more about Human Design click HERE to listen to my 30 min interview on the Me by Kiki show. I loved this episode!

Interested in scheduling a reading?

A reading is 60 minutes and an investment of $108.

The readings take place on my Uber Conference line and will be recorded and yours to keep. In the reading you’ll get a deeper understanding of your unique energy type, decision making process, life strategy, manifesting process & so much more.

What I need for the reading:

Your birth info. Including your EXACT time of birth (you can find this on your birth certificate), Date & City/State

“It’s not an exaggeration when I say that I’ve never had something so INSTANTLY change my entire perspective on life. In fact, it’s changed my life. Yes, discovering Human Design and getting my reading done...literally 2 days ago - has greatly impacted my life, and all for the better. Never heard of Human Design? Me neither until only a few weeks ago, and it was just on Monday when I understood how to read my chart and interpret what it means about how I operate in this world...it’s totally given me a sense of “a-ha THAT MAKES SENSE” that I’ve never felt from anything else before, and bonus: now I know how to operate from MY best strategy for living authentically and being in alignment with the universe! BOOM!!!”

- Kiki Athanas

“I feel like I make sense now! Cortney broke down my chart in such a helpful and empowering way. When I first pulled up my Human Design Chart on my own, I was immediately overwhelmed. I didn’t know what any of it meant and learning it on my own seemed too daunting. I sent a picture to Cortney and she immediately knew what my type was and what it meant. We scheduled a reading, and Cortney not only explained the background but also how I’m innately wired and how I can best work with that wiring. I also left the reading feeling like my “flaws” aren’t something to fight against, but instead something to help me better understand myself. It wasn't all theory, either: Cortney gave me real-life, practical tools to help me re-connect with strongest parts of me, and how to stay in flow with myself. Overall, she took something very complex and made it very accessible and exciting. I want to do another one!” 

- Jessica Kenny

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